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SolarFi Bliss is an energy-autonomous, mobile, and flexibly designed solar pod, completely surrounded by solar panels. With the Bliss, you can effectively draw attention to the successful implementation of your climate action plans while educating people on the importance of solar, provide device charging, and free WiFi. Bliss helps bring your smart city initiatives together with IoT sensors that allow you to capture important data. It is ideal for initiatives to modernize the technical, social, and cultural infrastructure while promoting renewable energy. An incredibly solid and inspiring box, The SolarFi center not only ensures enormous cost advantages but will also meet the most demanding requirements you may have. It’s not just a matter of quality, environmental friendliness, reliability, and performance, but also of allure, inspiration, and exclusivity. • The SolarFI generates from 3.3 kW to 8 kW of power – more than an average single-family home requires per day. • The SolarFi is self-sufficient – solar power is stored in extremely powerful and long-lasting batteries with the autonomy of up to ten hours.
• Power is generated in a sustainable and environmentally friendly manner by using sunlight as a source of energy. Absolutely no exhaust fumes or noises are produced.
• The SolarFi is instantly ready for use: Simply open the flaps and that’s it; no time-consuming setup is required. The SolarFi Bliss stands out and cannot be compared with anything else on the market. In fact, it combines three systems in one high-quality product:   1.       A revolutionary kiosk with a unique design, which can be used as a food and beverage stand, information point, E-scooter charging, Skateboard charging, retail store, emergency response unit, mobile police unit, Food truck, disaster-relief, golf tournaments, and much more. 2.       An environmentally friendly solar power station that stores the energy it generates and ensures a maximum of energy independence. Its operation does not produce any noise or exhaust. 3.       A mobile unit that is easy to transport, set up, and operate. It may be placed virtually anywhere, as long as there is sun and sufficient space available. The SolarFi measures 7’x7’x7’ and can be made larger or smaller.

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